Self-taught and “jack of all trades” as the saying goes, I grew up in a family of artisans.

My experience in several fields pushed me to devote myself to a problem that had not found a solution to provide an immense service to our planet and our wallets.

It took me no less than two years of research, development and testing to arrive at a simple and effective solution to this problem, which we have all encountered at least once in our lives: throwing away cartridges, sometimes barely used, because they have already hardened before the next use.

Around me, then in several recycling centers, I made the sad observation, unsurprisingly, that there was an immense waste of used cartridges, most of them half full.

We are all concerned by the protection of our environment, the shortage of raw materials and the increase in cartridge prices, or the need to reduce travel time and costs.

Of course, I studied the different means available on the market to preserve the cartridges after partial use. I noticed that nothing has changed since the caps closing the cannula that are currently sold only replace the plan B that everyone knows (nail, screw, cellophane, tape, etc.).

I therefore went further in my research in order to understand the polymerization activators of most products marketed in the form of cartridges.

Manufacturers do not fail to mention “Storage conditions: Keep the container tightly closed, in a dry“.

But from the first use, there is no longer any seal, which is why I also wanted to solve the problem of toxic fumes that an opened and pporly stored cartridge could release and that you, users, inhale into the air, your workshops, vans, houses, etc.

The simple and effective solution:

The SADURR® Masticbox will allow you to store your opened cartridges in a hermetically sealed (preventing any chemical fumes) and dry environment.


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