Manual of instruction

Instruction for use

Instructions for use (see technical exploded view with numbering of ≠ parts)

  1. Unscrew the two caps (2) and (3)
    Remove filter* (4) and pump (8)
  1. Insert the cartridge (cannula upwards) into the Masticbox SADURR® (1)
  2. Insert the filter* (4) on the cartridge
  3. Screw the valve cap (2) until it resists to ensure a good seal
  4. Pump 4 to 5 times maximum using the manual pump (8) to create an air vacuum in the Masticbox SADURR® 
  5. Screw the protective cap (3) onto the valve cap (2) until it resists to ensure a good seal

Precautions for use

Put the cartridge in the Masticbox SADURR® (1) immediately after each spaced use.
Avoid dropping the cartridge without restraint inside the Masticbox SADURR® (1) 
With or without a cartridge, ideally keep the filter* (4) inside the Masticbox SADURR® (1) by performing an air vacuum using the manual pump (8) so as not to have to regenerate the filter (4) regularly.

Check and make sure that seals (6) and (7) are in place in caps (2) and (3) and do not show any anomalies, wear or damage.

*The balls contained in one of the filter compartments are colored orange to indicate that the filter is active.
When the balls inside the filter are completely white, this indicates that filter (4) has become inactive and must be regenerated.

Regeneration of filter (4):
Place the filter (4) on a grid at mid-height in a convection oven, thermostat 100°C maximum for about 2 hours, until the beads re-color orange
Place filter (4) in a container suitable for microwaves, in the centre, then switch on the microwave, normal function/Power 600 Watts maximum for about 2 minutes maximum. (Beyong 3 minutes, the filter will be damaged)