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You can if you wish (tape, nail, screw, cellophane, plastic cap, etc.), provided you do not interfere with the insertion of the filter through the cannula.

It is preferable to wipe the cannula before insertion in order to eliminate any residue that could come into contact with and adhere to the filter or to another constituent element of the SADURR® masticbox, requiring cleaning of the SADURR® masticbox during use. next.

Yes, all types of products contained in the standard dispensing cannula cartridges sold on the market. For expanding sealant cartridges (hydro-expansive), do not create an air vacuum

Yes, you can simultaneously insert and store all products in the form of cartridges without cleaning the SADURR® masticbox between two uses, provided that it is clean and does not show any residue on the surface of the various parts of the SADURR® masticbox from of the previously stored cartridge.

Yes, all parts can be replaced without difficulty and are available individually on the site www.sadurr.fr

Clean each removable part of the SADURR® masticbox in warm soapy water with a soft sponge and dry everything thoroughly with a cloth or paper towel before reuse. If residues of mastic remain on the walls, this does not call into question the effectiveness of the SADURR® masticbox unless these residues are located on the functional parts such as the valve, the seals, the screw threads of the 2 plugs or the perforated external parts of the filter.

Do not use solvent-based products at the risk of damaging the entire SADURR® masticbox

Yes, this makes it possible to quickly lower the humidity and therefore makes it possible to very quickly stop the polymerization of the product contained in your cartridge.

No, only use a manual vacuum pump, identical to the pump supplied with the SADURR® masticbox. Above all, do not use an electric vacuum pump which does not allow you to dose the air vacuum created and could damage elements of the SADURR® masticbox or your cartridge present inside.

The valve must be glued and adhered to the valve cap by pumping 4 to 5 times maximum using the manual vacuum pump. The valve cap is then blocked in the same way as a vacuum jar.

Check the cleanliness of the valve, the valve cap and the O-ring present in the valve cap. If necessary, remove the valve and the O-ring from the valve cap and clean them with warm soapy water then dry these 3 parts properly with a clean cloth or clean absorbent paper before reassembling them. (Do not use solvent-based products for cleaning). If the lack of adhesion persists, replace these 3 parts available on the site www.sadurr.fr

Yes, in order to maintain the air space of the SADURR® masticbox. Once the air vacuum has been created, it is possible that after a while the valve will lose grip slightly. The safety cap will keep the air vacuum created, without loss.

Without this safety cap in place, we cannot guarantee that your cartridges will be kept in the optimal conditions indicated.

Yes. To do this, place the filter in a container suitable for microwaves, in the center, then turn on the microwave, normal function until the beads re-color orange (about 1 to 2 minutes depending on the power of the microwave / Power 600 watts maximum).

The filter must never be opened.

Do not use the filter or regenerate it if you notice the slightest degradation (plugs, walls). You can order a new filter on the website www.sadurr.fr

The SADURR® masticbox guarantees the conservation of your cartridges over time only under the conditions of use indicated in the precautions for use.

Regarding the filter:

*The balls contained in one of the filter compartments are colored orange to indicate that the filter is active.

When the beads inside the filter are completely white, this indicates that the filter is becoming inactive and needs to be regenerated.

Filter regeneration:

Place the filter on a grid at mid-height in a convection oven, thermostat 90°C/100°C maximum for about 1 hour or more, until the balls turn orange again OR place the filter in a container suitable for micro- microwave, in the middle, then turn on the microwave, normal function, until the balls turn orange again (approximately 1 to 2 minutes depending on the power of the microwave / Power 600 watts maximum)”.

You can put a new cartridge in the SADURR® masticbox, which will promote its conservation in optimal conditions, but be aware that the use of the SADURR® masticbox cannot replace the expiry date indicated by the cartridge manufacturer.

It is recommended not to leave the SADURR® masticbox in direct contact with UV rays.

If the Masticbox SADURR® contains a cartridge inside, it is best to place it in a cool environment.

Several months if the procedure for use is correctly applied.

The commercial guarantee is indicated in the T&Cs which you can find on the website www.sadurr.fr

The Masticbox SADURR® is made in France

The Masticbox SADURR® is intended for all cartridge users wishing to be able to keep their opened cartridges permanently.