Masticbox SADURR® PRO

The SADURR® PRO Masticbox allows you to permanently store 6 opened cartridges of putty, glue and silicone. After using your cartridge, insert it into the SADURR® PRO Masticbox, close the SADURR® Masticbox with the valve cap, pump 4 to 5 times maximum with the manual vacuum pump provided, then put on the safety cap.

You will thus keep 6 cartridges until the next use and when you’ll need it. Easy to use, economical with guaranteed profitability and preservation of the environment since the SADURR® PRO Masticbox will avoid waste and chemical fumes after opening.

Equipped with a handle for easy transport, as well as a reinforced, non-slip base. 1 Masticbox SADURR® is offered with the Masticbox SADURR® PRO.


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